Quantum Healing Smoking Cessation Programme


* Every cell in your body contains all it needs to heal itself of anything

* The cells in your lungs regenerate every 14 days

* It takes just 21 days to create a new habit

* Costs less than a packet of 20 cigarettes-a-day while you are on the programme

* Every day after that is an ongoing and incremental financial and life saving bonus

The Quantum Healing Smoking Cessation Programme supports you through those first 21 days of your self-determined new non smoking habit creation and consolidation and then adds a week of celebration. These 28 days will dramatically change your life!

You will give up smoking after your first visit! You will immediately feel the associated health benefits and much more. You then come weekly, but every day you will express and consolidate your new habit of not smoking and you will celebrate your success.

Quantum Healing dna bodyPossible side effects include

* lower blood pressure

* improved immune functioning

* stronger gums, teeth, hair & bones

* clearer healthier skin, fewer bags & wrinkles

* clearer eyes, sharper hearing

* restored senses of taste & smell

* more adaptive emotional responses

* more valued self worth

* greater focus & awareness

* enhanced willpower, strength & stamina

* boosted energy levels

* raised libido and va va voom

* increased sense of wellbeing


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The Quantum Healing Smoking Cessation Programme

Quantum Healing Consultation: Express Your Intention (25 mins / Free)
Smoking Cessation Week 1: I Give Up Smoking (55 mins)
Smoking Cessation Week 2: I Do Not Smoke (55 mins)
Smoking Cessation Week 3: I Will Never Smoke (55 mins)
Smoking Cessation Week 4: I Love Not Smoking (55 mins)

The 28 Day Quantum Healing Smoking Cessation Programme = £140 TOTAL

or 4 Weekly Payments of £35

* Includes free Quantum Healing Resource Pack + Quantum Healing Smoking Cessation Pack

* Save more than the cost of 20 cigarettes-a-day while on the programme

* Thereafter, you are free to spend these savings as you wish!


We can use Skype if you can’t get to Penarth…


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