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Gareth Strangemore-Jones is pioneering the development and roll-out of Quantum Healing in Wales!

QUANTUM HEALING FB PROFILE - CAPSHe works directly with, and with the rapidly unfolding knowledge of, the world’s leading authorities on Quantum Healing.

“Quantum Healing combines the ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda, Prana, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka ‘Tapping’), Reflexology, Hypnosis and other holistically-focused healing techniques and the very exciting cutting-edge breakthroughs in modern, ‘western’ biology, psychology, chemistry and physics,” said Gareth.

“Finally, East meets West and we can reclaim self determination over our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!” he added.

Gareth offers one-to-one personal Quantum Healing treatments based on the work of Deepak Chopra MD (the world’s leading spiritual doctor), Dr Joe Dispenza (Quantum University, The Science of Changing Your Mind), Dr Bruce Lipton (the world’s leading molecular cell biologist), Dr Gregg Braden (scientist, visionary, scholar) and other leading luminaries at the cutting edge of complementary health.

G003Within 10 years, Quantum Healing will be at the forefront of conventional medicine.

Indeed, soon it will be the first approach any GP, hospital or medical professional turns to rather than an alternative.


Because it has recently been proven that EVERY cell in your body contains ALL IT NEEDS to heal itself of ANYTHING!!!

What does this mean?  The Central Dogma of Modern Medicine, derived after Francis Crick discovered DNA in 1956 does not hold true.  The simplified tenet that followed, that “DNA makes RNA and RNA makes protein” has been overturned by the work of Bruce Lipton and others.  We are not ruled by our genes…we are not trapped by our past…Louise Hay told us decades ago: “You CAN heal yourself!”

Now this is fully, scientifically, empirically proven and now there are simple techniques we can ALL access!

The Biology of Belief - Bruce LiptonDr Lipton, the world’s leading molecular cell biologist, has proven that our cells are more controlled by an outside force than previously believed in Western Biology.  Our cells are more influenced by our beliefs and perceptions.  Combine this with the rapidly developing understanding of Quantum Physics and we now have a new way of looking at our bodies – Quantum Biology.

Dr Lipton, Deepak Chopra MD, Dr Gregg Braden and others have therefore reignited our connection with an essential part of our birthright – Quantum Healing.

Quantum Healing is a blend of wonderfully relaxing, self-healing techniques that use natural energy and chi to restore balance; remove blockages; ground negativities; re-energise the mind, body and spirit: manage stress; raise self awareness and promote self worth.

Gareth Strangemore-Jones has been practicing Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, Prana, Tantric and freestyle energy healing for more than 20 years.  Along with Deepak Chopra, HH The Dalai Lama (Spiritual Leader), Dr Ervin Laszlo (Scientist & Philosopher), Paolo Coehlo (Author, “The Alchemist”), Peter Gabriel (Conscious Musician), Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Civil Rights & Peace Campaigner) and other leading-edge thinkers, Gareth is a Creative Member of The Club of Budapest – an international think tank on how we transition to a peaceful, sustainable future.

This work also involves a new attention on our physical, mental and spiritual health and how our emotions and feelings affect not just ourselves, not just those immediately around us, but how an individual’s wellbeing affects us all.  Their work has promoted the concept of Collective Consciousness and that Quantum Healing - Deepak Choprawhether on a personal, global or cosmic level this is merely a decision to make and action to take.

Dr Laszlo and Dr Chopra speak of “The Akashic Field”, Lynne McTaggart and others simply call it “The Field, Dr Braden calls it “The Divine Matrix”.  We are only just re-discovering the infinite power of The Universe and fully realising that this power resides in us all!

NB – we do not “heal” you!

Quantum Healing harnesses a range of established and emerging therapies to help your mind, body and spirit heal itself.  With a powerful array of tools, some of which are practitioner-led and some you get to practice yourself, you will take a quantum leap of focus, intent, energy and desire for ANYTHING you choose to put your mind to.

You have your own connection with “The Akashic Field” or “The Divine Matrix” and by practicing what Bruce Lipton calls “The Biology of Belief” you literally can heal yourself of ANYTHING with Quantum Healing!

This works whether you are seeking a physical healing, to relieve pain relief from injury or disease, to gain more energy, to find more clarity in your work, a release of emotional distress or to heal a relationship past or present.  Whatever focus you bring to the sessions, that is what we will work with you to facilitate your Quantum Healing…

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