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“Do you realize the power of intention, healing, and thought? Your mind is more powerful than any disease…”

A double-blind study conducted by biologist Dr. Bernard Grad found seeds which had been prayed over by a healer prior to being planted grew faster and more successfully than those that have not been prayed over. Biologist Dr. Carrol Nash found that the growth of bacteria can be influenced by conscious intention in double-blind procedures. http://media.noetic.org//uploads/files/DirectedPrayer.pdf

Another study shows that mice with a predicted 100% fatality could be cured through healing. Three replications using skeptical volunteers and laboratories at Queens College and St. Joseph’s College produced an overall cure rate of 87.9% in 33 experimental mice through nothing more than intention and the laying on of hands. http://www.fourmilab.ch/documents/gtpp/Documents/jse_14_3_bengston.pdf

Some observational studies suggest that people who have regular spiritual practices tend to live longer. Another study points to a possible mechanism: interleukin (IL)-6. Increased levels of IL-6 are associated with an increased incidence of disease. A research study involving 1700 older adults showed that those who attended church were half as likely to have elevated levels of IL-6.

Last but definitely not least, Dr. Glen Rein found that love sent through conscious intention has transformative effects on the human DNA molecule, causing it to heal itself when in the presence of loving energy.

“Specific thoughts and intentions are generated by the brain/mind and are used to frequency modulate the coherent bio-fields from the heart. When one is in a state of love the coherence is enhanced and the biofields become stronger. This allows for a resonance between the coherent fields of the heart and the coherent fields around the DNA molecule. Such an interaction allows the frequency information associated with the original intention to manifest as a physical change in the DNA, whether it be a conformational change in the structure of the helix, a change in DNA replication or a shift in the electrical properties.” http://www.item-bioenergy.com/infocenter/ConsciousIntentiononDNA.pdf


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