Clinical Duopody Reflexology

Clinical Duopody Reflexology

First session includes free health consultation. Therapeutic touch is used on the feet to encourage the client’s body to re-balance itself, stimulate the immune system and promote feelings of wellbeing. Both (duo) feet (pody) are worked on at the same time to holistically treat the whole body.


Clinical Duopody Reflexology is an NHS-recognised clinical health treatment with proven and often profound benefits.


* stimulates your general health & wellbeing

* boosts your circulation, immune & respiratory systems

* balances, grounds, stabilises and enhances your energies

* calms stress, anxiety, depression & mental health conditions

* combats back pain, neck pain, rheumatic & arthritic pain

* relieves pain from sports, dance & other injuries

* supports long-term healing from injuries and illnesses

* programmes for long-term recovering patients & palliative care

* can improve fertility in both men and women

* helps prepare for conception, child-birth and post natal recovery


feetDUOPODY translates to mean DUO (two) PODY (feet) which is exactly what this method is about…both feet at the same time!

DUOPODY is a symmetrical technique which works methodically through each body system. Throughout trials Duopody has brought about profound responses from clients.

Working both feet at the same time undoubtedly stabilises our basic energy, and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet…helping us to become more “grounded”.

Consultation also differs as a Duopody proforma is used, allowing quick and simple identification of which systems are most compromised (and the recording of findings are simplified too!).

Working each system (rather than one half and then the other half of the reflected body) means that a Duopodist can really develop a treatment plan specific to the needs of each individual client – rather than a ‘one treatment fits all’ approach.

Enfys Studio offers a personal, methodical, holistic and clinical approach to your wellbeing and health.

While we do not medically diagnose, through our bespoke and in-depth consultations, specific conditions or injuries can be identified and targeted.


“Clinical Duopody is the Reflexology of the future!”

Sue Alma Evans, Director of The Inspira Academy of Professional Reflexology


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For more about the University of Portsmouth’s clinical trials proving “Reflexology Reduced Feelings of Pain”, Click Here.


“For those with fertility struggles who are looking for alternative treatments, reflexology may be an option to consider. Reflexology is the practice of massaging or applying pressure to parts of the feet and sometimes hands to promote overall good health and encourage beneficial effects in other parts of the body…”


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