Clinical Duopody Reflexology for Fertilty & Pregnancy

Clinical Duopody Reflexology 

“For those with fertility struggles who are looking for alternative treatments, reflexology may be an option to consider. Reflexology is the practice of massaging or applying pressure to parts of the feet and sometimes hands to promote overall good health and encourage beneficial effects in other parts of the body.”

(The Examiner)

CDR for Fertility & Pregnancy at Enfys Studio

“Patients can report feeling 100% more positive, relaxed, sleep better have improved sex drive, more regular cycles, better flow, less pain and a percentage of women have successfully conceived within a course of treatment. These women have suffered from conditions to include polycystic ovaries, recurrent miscarriage, annovulation, dysmenorrhoea, unexplained infertility and hostile cervical mucus. For many women the stress and anxiety attached to failing to conceive can be overwhelming and the treatment can help them fell more positive, relaxed and deal with their fertility issues in a more positive manner. Reflexology is holistic, working towards bringing the body into a state of balance, encouraging the body’s systems to work to their optimum.”

(Jane Holt, BBC News Online)

“After trying for three years, I resorted to reflexology as i had seen a programme on tv that advocated it. My therapist said she often treats women with infertility and had a good success rate. Apparently it stimulates all the right bits and hormones inside. Was pregnant within 2 months!”
(Charlotte J, NetMums)

Clinical Duopody Reflexology is an NHS-recognised clinical health treatment with proven and often profound benefits:
* stimulates your general health & wellbeing
* boosts your circulation, immune & respiratory systems
* balances, grounds, stabilises and enhances your energies
* calms stress, anxiety, depression & mental health conditions
* can improve fertility in both men and women
* helps prepare for conception, child-birth and post natal recovery

“Clinical Duopody is the Reflexology of the future!”
(Sue Alma Evans, Director of The Inspira Academy of Professional Reflexology)

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